When you market your law firm, you want to do more than just reach individuals who are in immediate need of a lawyer—that is, the people who flip through the Yellow Pages in a cold sweat or call the first 800 number they see advertised on daytime TV. Ideally, your marketing campaign should plant the seed of recognition in a potential client's mind long before he actually needs a lawyer. This isn't only because that person is more likely to call your number after he's sued by a neighbor or crashed his car; it's because he's more likely to mention your name to other people he knows who are in immediate need of an attorney.

The principle here is simple: everyone knows at least 50 people (friends, relatives, coworkers, close acquaintances) who are likely to attend their funeral, and who are equally likely to mention that they're in need of a lawyer. By reaching that one potential client with your marketing campaign, you are also reaching those 50 people—a fifty-fold return on your marketing and advertising dollar!

Often times, lawyers make the mistake of running grating commercials or using cute mascots as a way to build their brand presence—not realizing that they're repelling way more potential clients than they could ever hope to attract with this ham-handed approach. At Great Legal Marketing, we know that only an innovative marketing campaign will keep you on top of a potential client's mind, well before he (or those 50 people he knows) are in actual need of a lawyer.

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Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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