Great Legal Website Copy Should Answer Your Ideal Client’s Questions

If you ever hired someone to do a professional service based on their website alone, how did you make the choice? Did you pick the one who did the best work, or had the lowest price, or had the most convenient hours?

Or did the person you hired make it easy for you by answering all of your questions at once?

If you’re planning on building a great legal website, you need to enter the conversation going on in the customer’s mind. Most people will start looking for lawyers online after something devastating has happened: they are scared, anxious, and angry. What would you want to know if you were in this situation?

Consider a car accident victim in your area who has been struck in a hit-and-run accident. She’s a single mom, and needs to work to take care of her kids, but her back was hurt in the crash. Would she want to know which law school you attended? Probably not. However, she would likely want to know:

  • How can she track down the person who hit her?
  • Who is going to pay her bills?
  • How does she claim the accident on her insurance?
  • Will her doctor’s visits be covered?
  • Who is going to repair her car?

You get the idea. Articles and blog posts on these topics will appeal to her and others in her situation—and if you close the article by telling her there are even more answers in your free guide, you may well receive her contact information as well.

For more information on getting your readers’ attention, call 888-791-2150 today or click the link on this page to download a free sample chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

Ben Glass
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