If your firm is not getting the client flow you want, and you are cruising Google for the hottest personal injury marketing ideas, you may be making a grave mistake.

It’s not that you can’t find exciting and even hugely innovative strategies and ideas out there. But unless and until you define your target client in granular detail, you will struggle, get confused, and spend money needlessly. So how well can you describe your ideal client? 
  • What age is he or she?
  • What does he or she do for a living?
  • What are his or her biggest stresses, fears, and sources of chronic pain?
  • What is his or her typical emotional journey?
  • How are other law firms who are competing for his or her attention not serving your target client?

Shockingly, even many seasoned attorneys do not have a crystal-clear profile of their target clients. As a result of this knowledge deficit, they wind up struggling to do business. They invest an inordinate amount of time and money into “solutions in a box” that generally fail to pay for themselves and leave them more stressed out and more confused.

The challenge of great legal marketing is ultimately a challenge of clarity. How do you want to position yourself in your market? Who is your target client, and what kind of value do you want to provide to that person, over and over, so that that person will come to trust you as the de facto authority in your niche?

The bottom line is that, to break away from the pack, you really need uncommon thinking. No one is going to be able hand you the perfect law firm on a silver platter. You need to build the firm.

Fortunately, you can get an enormous head start on the process by buying Great Legal Marketing and examining the free resources we have online. When you’re ready for individual attention to your marketing needs, give us a call directly at 703.591.9829.
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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