Great Places to Improve Your Community Presence

How often do you see local events where businesses and residents head out for a day of fun and celebration? At nearly all of these events your law firm has the opportunity to promote your community presence and have fun at the same time. Festivals and parades take place in nearly every city and town in the U.S., from the tiny farming communities in the mid-west to the booming cities of New England.

Some of the best places to get involved in community events are:

  • Holiday festivals;
  • Seasonal fairs;
  • Founders' day parades;
  • School events;
  • Chamber of Commerce events; and
  • Town hall meetings. 

When your law firm establishes a consistent presence at these sorts of community events, you are building your image as a dedicated and involved member of your local community. Your name and logo are your brand and should be used to promote your image in positive ways within your community, not just in advertisements.

Giveaway items that feature your logos, banners with your name, and just your own personal presence are all ways to become more visible in your community. Locals may even come to expect to see your law firm's booth at the annual chili cook-off.

While you're putting your legal marketing methods to work at fun events like this remember that they're FUN.
Don't be scared to get a little light-hearted and theme your promotional items around the event. If you're at a holiday parade, give out holiday themed items with your logo on them. Bring out the rest of your staff, encourage them to get in the spirit and dress for the occasion and bring their family. Legal marketing can involve everyone and be a great break from the regular office work.

There's much more to increasing your community presence besides having fun at local community events. Check out my article on the importance of a good community presence both for your practice and your legal marketing goals. 

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