Guidelines for Soliciting a Natural Client Testimonial

When asking your clients to provide a testimonial you're looking for an honest opinion of your legal services. Part of the honesty is that the written client testimonial reads like it came straight from the mouth of a real person. Many clients may feel that they need to sound professional when writing about their legal experience, but that's not the case.

In your e-mail or phone call asking for client testimonials, remind your clients to write as they naturally speak. Don't encourage them to use legal terms if they wouldn't normally. The more natural they sound, the more believable the client testimonials will be. Ask them to highlight anything where they felt you went above and beyond regarding their case - what impressed your past clients is likely to impress potential clients as well.

Not all of your clients are going to be willing to divulge too many details about their case, especially if it was sensitive in nature. Be sure to review the clients' case before asking them for a testimonial - if they had a confidential case you may not want to ask them to talk about it. Client testimonials work best when you can include specific details and names, so if a client is reluctant to share some of these details, you might want to skip asking them.

Client testimonials are a lawyer's best friend when it comes to supporting your legal marketing. Hearing good things about a lawyer from someone who isn't a lawyer is worth much more than hearing the same boring lawyer advertising claims. 

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