Having A Life

Here are some of the things I have been subtracting that have helped me get to adding what I want.


UNWELCOME PESTS: People who call or show up at the office, thinking I would want to take my valuable time to meet with/talk to them.


DIFFICULT/IMPOSSIBLE CLIENTS: Those who take up too much energy or are too needy or whose cases have taken a surprising turn for the worst (like when I find out they have not been totally honest with me).


UNPRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEES: Once I figured out how to find and delegate to reliable outsourcing suppliers, I no longer have employee headaches.


What's the one thread through all of my subtractions?  DISTRACTIONS - I have worked harder on eliminating distractions than I have on any other major change in the way I run my business.  By ridding myself as much as possible of people and things that cause me aggravation, I have much more energy to focus on what's meaningful in my life and my business.  The magic is that subtracting = adding.  I subtract what I don't want and get to add what I do want.


You may be surprised to find what's hidden beneath once you start subtracting.


-         Ben Glass


Ben Glass
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