It can be overwhelming to think that every page of your website has to have relevant information for your clients and contain text that is search-engine friendly. However, it is possible to create this kind of content if you follow a few simple rules: keep it short, keep it informative, and keep your clients wanting more.

Search engine crawlers will read the text in all of your documents, so take full advantage of all of your content by optimizing your online library. 

A few types of documents on your site that should contain search-engine friendly legal website copy:

  • Library articles. Your readers don’t want to hear that you are the best lawyer for them when you haven’t even met them. Instead of making promises to your guests, appeal to their emotions and offer solutions to the problems they are facing.
  • Firm newsletters. Giving your clients a chance to stay informed and keep in touch is good business, but only if your newsletters are keyword-rich.
  • Presentations. If you have prepared PowerPoint presentations in the past, by all means, use them on your site—but first, you must convert them into Adobe PDFs so search engines can read the text. Your webmaster can show you how to do this.
  • Case results. Here is a great way to get free website content: uploaded the full text of your case results to your site. These are in the public domain and are available from your state court website—and best of all, they’re keyword-rich documents.

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