Differentiation is a very important aspect to any successful attorney marketing strategy. Clients need to be made aware of what sets your law firm apart from the hundreds of other attorneys that offer the same services. Most firms will highlight all of the wrong factors, such as educational background, the fact that the law firm “cares” about its clients, and offers “valuable services.”

One way that an attorney advertising plan can differentiate a law firm from others is to highlight its use of technology and the benefits that technology extends to clients. Examples include:

  • Using the cloud to host client files that are then accessible by the client at any time they wish to look and see what is happening with their case.
  • Using electronic billing practices rather than using traditional paper invoices.
  • Offering online resource materials such as news articles and blogs, accessible to clients easily and quickly. 
  • Providing electronic case management that makes documents searchable in just a few seconds and allows them to be edited much more quickly.
  • Utilizing e-filing with the federal and state courts. This process is much quicker and more cost-effective.
  • Offering video conferencing to save clients a trip to the office for meetings, which may be especially helpful for injured, disabled, and elderly clients.
  • Highlighting the use of blackberries and other mobile phones that make attorneys accessible even when they are outside of the office.
  • Using e-discovery tools that allow lawyers to image, code, analyze, and review emails, text messages, and voice mails. This saves valuable time, thereby reducing the client’s expenses.

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