During the Holiday season, local newspapers feature photos of business owners and managers presenting checks to charitable organizations. Holiday giving helps the community, but it is also great publicity. Many businesses include their charitable work in their newsletters and advertisements.

How can attorneys use charitable giving as a law firm marketing tool?

The Your Honor Awards recognize excellence in attorney marketing. In 2010, the second place winner in the Christmas card category created an electronic card to send to the law firm's clients. When the card was opened, the recipient was asked to choose from a list of charities. Once the charity was chosen and clicked on, the reader was taken to the card and told that a donation would be made to that charity.

Cards are one way to involve your clients. Your newsletter is another. Consider featuring a local charity. Write about the good that the charity does and why it needs help. Offer to match any donations (up to a specific limit) that are made by your clients.

Not all law firms can afford to give a monetary donation. If giving money is not an option, consider giving your time. Perhaps members of your law firm could donate hours to a soup kitchen, women's shelter, or local school.

The holidays offer law firms a unique opportunity to show good will to the community and create a positive impression. However, giving is a good legal marketing strategy all year round. Send out the good will; you may be surprised when it comes back to you.

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