You’re a busy person. You understandably don’t want to get involved in a law firm marketing activity that will take too much of your time without a significant payoff. Therefore, you may be hesitant when you hear that part of your legal marketing strategy should include social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Do you really have the time to participate on those sites and will your participation pay off?

We Think Social Media Does Pay off for Personal Injury Attorneys, and Here’s Why

Personal injury lawyers may benefit from attorney marketing on social media websites because:

  • Word of Mouth is So Important and So Easily Achieved on Social Media. You have a lot of competition as a personal injury attorney. Social media can help set you apart and spread the word about your character, your ability, and your services.
  • You Can Provide Useful Information for Prospective Clients at No Cost to You and Great Benefit to Them. For example, you might share links about new treatments for accident injuries or support groups for survivors of accidents.
  • You Can Show Yourself as Knowledgeable and Compassionate. Not only can you offer words of support but you can showcase various charitable organizations that you support. Additionally, you can give your take on the latest legal developments in personal injury law.

Want to Learn More About Effective Law Firm Marketing?

If you are interested in learning more about effective personal injury attorney marketing techniques, please browse the free resources on our website and contact us directly at 703.591.9829 for more information.

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