What would your life be like if you could avoid the problem-clients you represent? Did you breathe a sigh of relief just reading that question? Are you shaking your head thinking that we are suggesting the impossible?

Avoiding problem-clients is not impossible. However, it does take work. In order to get the clients that you want, your bankruptcy lawyer marketing has to identify and attract those clients.

How to Attract the Clients You Want 

Before you can develop a complex and effective legal marketing plan to attract the type of cases and clients that you want to represent in your bankruptcy practice, you must first identify your ideal cases and clients. You should have a clear idea of what type of cases you want to work on during the day. Stop right now and write down your description of the work that you want to do.

Once you have the description of the clients that you want to represent then it is time to talk directly to those clients. Create your law firm marketing plan to talk directly to that client. An attorney marketing plan that is well developed with your ideal client in mind should get your phone ringing with cases that interest you and clients you want to represent. Over time, you can stop taking new cases that do not fit the criteria that you have established.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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