Call measurement is a valuable legal marketing tool for attorneys. By tracking which attorney advertising sources are generating the most new leads, the lawyer can effectively allocate marketing resources. Similar to call measurement, call recording also allows law firms to grow their business more efficiently. This tool has many advantages that can improve overall law firm marketing.

How can call recording benefit your law firm? The following is a list of examples for why you should consider recording the incoming calls to your firm:
  • Call recording allows you to provide training for employees on how best to address phone calls from potential clients.
  • Call recording allows you to monitor the effectiveness of the law firm’s response to calls from potential clients.
  • It creates opportunities for improvement on how to handle incoming calls.
  • Call recording measures the response to offers given over the phone.
  • Call recording improves the productivity of employees who are aware that calls are being recorded.
  • It allows current calls to be used to prepare scripts for future calls.

Call recording prevents missed opportunities that can happen when phone calls from potential clients go unanswered or are handled poorly by law firm employees. Some attorneys incorrectly attribute these missed opportunities to an unsuccessful legal marketing campaign. In reality, the campaign may be generating plenty of potential leads that are simply not being captured. 

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