Ben Glass has nine kids, a successful legal practice, and runs Great Legal Marketing as well as two other businesses. How does he do it all?

Ben's secret is time management.

While in college, I was taught a time management system that involved having several calendars in which I blocked in my time commitments. I was told it would help me see how much free time I really had. Now that I'm a working adult balancing a family, a job, and volunteering in my community, I find those empty spaces are getting smaller. Fitting everything into those spaces is a challenge.

Ben suggests that you guard your time as you would your valuables. Don't let people take it away from you. Have you ever sat down to do some paperwork and been interrupted by a phone call? Not only have you lost time to that that phone call, but also your train of thought was interrupted. Now you must spend an extra five or ten minutes getting back to where you were.

You can save time by scheduling your phone calls in blocks. This allows you to be prepared for a phone call and give the conversation and client your undivided attention. In fact, if you say, "I have you scheduled for twenty minutes and I'm all yours for that time, but I have a meeting afterwards," you can be assured that the phone call time will be spent focusing on what is important.

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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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