A person looking for a lawyer is inundated with law firm marketing. They see yellow page ads, billboards, TV commercials and websites. How do they sort through this information and make a choice?

In general, the public doesn't know what to look for in a lawyer. Ask a potential client what they are looking for in an attorney. They probably want someone who is skillful, someone who has experience, and someone who will get results. But, most of all, they want someone they can trust.

The truth is that most potential clients are pretty skeptical. They believe that claims of expertise and experience are half-truths. And, when looking for truth, they will look beyond your website.

A potential client who likes your website will research you on AVVO, on NOLO, on Super Lawyers, even on Facebook. They will Google your name and look for client reviews. They want to feel that they have researched you and validated you before they make that call.

Make it easy by providing links to your lawyer ratings from your law firm website. Add client testimonials. And don't forget to show your expertise with a book or other publication.

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Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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