How Does Your Law Office Sound on the Phone?

When developing your system for collecting client information through incoming phone calls you may think that just a few phone scripts and a good database program are all you need. If every legal marketing system was that easy to set up and forget, I'd be out of a job!

The truth is, even though you may have spent hours drafting the perfect scripts for all your client contact scenarios, and paid thousands for professional phone answering services, nothing is guaranteed to run flawlessly. This is why it's important from time to time to check just how effectively your inbound client phone calls are being handled.

Have a friend or family member unknown to your law firm call in to your line with a common case scenario and request information. You may want to use a modified version of your summary checklist from your client interviews to help make sure all the points you want covered in a phone contact are being addressed.

When the call is over, you'll want to discuss how the call went with your friend. Did they feel that if they were really looking for legal representation, the call inspired confidence in the competence of your law firm? Did they feel well informed and comfortable with the options offered to them? Did the call conclude with them knowing exactly how to proceed, either leaving with the assurance that more information will be sent from your office or a consultation scheduled?

These are important things to consider when you are checking on the efficiency of your client response. When you're making sure your legal marketing systems are working to their best ability, some secret shopping may be necessary. My article on the purpose of secret shopping your practice gives more information on why it's important to make sure your legal marketing systems are working properly. 

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