This week we’ve been discussing the benefits of education-based marketing for attorneys—including how it establishes you as an authority, avoids the more aggressive marketing tactics, and improves how much traffic you get from search engines like Google. But one of the biggest benefits of educational marketing is an indirect one: it can save you gobs of time.

Here are two examples: 

  • The potential client who clearly doesn’t have a case. This client calls your office for a free consultation, but during the meeting, it quickly becomes clear that he doesn’t need your services. In fact, it should have been clear to just about anybody that he doesn’t have a case and isn’t in the right place. Perhaps if he had read some frequently asked questions or watched a couple of your online videos, the truth would have been readily apparent. And it would have saved you both time and resources.
  • The client who asks far too many questions. It’s great when a client wants to be involved, and its great when he wants to understand the legal process, but some clients can treat your service a bit too much like a law school. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hand that person your guide to the practice area that concerns him? Or if you could show him your YouTube channel? Or if you could send him an informative monthly newsletter?

The bottom line is that you can never have a client that’s too educated, or a potential client who knows too much about the law when she walks into your office. Educational marketing creates these dream clients—and gets them to your door.

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