You have a main office number that is working and perfectly able to receive incoming phone calls. Why then should you add additional phone numbers on different attorney marketing materials? After all, who cares what number your new client reaches you on, so long as the new client reaches you?

You should care. Having multiple phone numbers may help you with your legal marketing efforts.

When you use different phone numbers on different websites and other promotional materials, you have a better idea of how the caller found you. This method is important not just so you can give yourself a pat on the back for a successful lawyer marketing campaign, but also so you can hone in on the types of activities that are bringing in clients.

Once you notice a trend of valuable calls coming from a particular website, for example, you can go back to that website and think about what is getting people’s attention. Is there something about the layout, content or tone that you can emulate in other marketing activities? Is there a way that you can better promote that website to encourage even more quality calls?

And the specific number of phone numbers you need is…

Dependent on your marketing activities. If you have one website, then one number may be all you need. However, if you have a complex law firm marketing strategy that includes different domain names then it may be important to have a number for each site.

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