You already know the golden rule of online law firm advertising: it’s not all about you.

You’ll get more calls by stocking your website with useful, accurate information about your practice area than you will with self-promotion. You want to help potential clients feel like they have a little more control over their situation, because it will enable them in taking that all-important next step in setting up an initial consultation with your firm.

Once you’ve drawn in a prospective client, she might want to know more about you and your firm before she calls. Keep in mind that it’s actually quite possible that she won’t: most potential clients expect that if you’ve got a practice and a website, you are certified to practice law. The details of how you got there aren’t important. 

The bare-bones approach to a attorney website bio page would include:
  • A professional quality, eye-catching photo
  • Practice areas
  • What jurisdictions you can practice in
  • Education
  • Contact information

You might also want to include an additional tidbit with some human interest.

Most laypeople don’t know much about prestigious law schools and aren’t overly concerned with your class rank. Chances are this sort of biographical information is most interesting to you, your family, and your competitors. If you’ve already sold someone on your practice, you don’t need to sell yourself. 

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