How Others Can Help Kick Your Email Habit

When you start working on your time management and decide to curb your email addiction you'll need the help of your friends, family and office to achieve success. If you can reduce the amount of unnecessary emails coming from them, you can make sure you're only dealing with the important client mail and emergency contacts.

The only time someone in your office should be emailing anyone in the office is if it's a forwarded message they need to see.
There's no reason your staff can't walk a few feet to someone's desk to discuss whatever they were going to email about. It's a double waste of time when someone shows up at your office door asking if you saw their email - not only did they waste time sending it, but now you're wasting time looking at it before discussing whatever was said!

Your friends and family should also be able to abstain from emailing you during the work day unless it's an emergency
- and if it's an emergency the phone is probably more efficient anyway. Junk mail like jokes and chain letters are an absolute NO when it comes to reducing your email time and if you've got anyone on your contact list that commits these horrible acts of email, politely ask them to stop.

Email checking is one of the biggest time wasters and a serious issue for running a successful law firm. My article on how to not be a slave to your email explains the dangers of checking too often and solutions to stop wasting your valuable time. The time wasted on email is better spent on improving your legal marketing, so you can sit back and let your firm run itself while you enjoy life. 

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