Effective bankruptcy law firm advertising typically involves the use of an attorney website. As part of that website, your firm should develop a library to contain all of the valuable resources you make available to potential clients. A great item to include in the library for attracting traffic to the website is a press release.

The following is an overview of how using press releases is an effective attorney advertising tool:

  1. Press releases can be written as an overview or commentary to full-text court opinions.
  2. Press releases written about recent court opinions can be uploaded to the legal website for free because the written decisions are public records. The text of those decisions can be easily found through the state court website or PACER.
  3. Press releases providing commentary on recent court decisions are not only relevant to the concerns of potential clients, they also contains many keywords valuable for improving the search engine optimization results of the library content.
  4. Press releases can be short and to the point, maximizing effectiveness while minimizing the time required to prepare.
  5. Press releases present current, relevant information that potential clients are searching for.

In order to maximize effectiveness, library content should be expansive and updated frequently. Press releases offer a unique advantage over some other forms of library content because they take so little time to prepare. As a result, you can update your library with relevant, recent materials easily and efficiently.

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