A complex legal marketing campaign requires a lot of decisions. As you are deciding on website layout, content, free offers and other law firm marketing techniques, it is important to consider social media buttons. At first glance, it may seem like social media buttons are a small detail undeserving of your attention. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

3 Reasons Social Media Buttons are Important

If you have any doubt about using social media buttons in your legal marketing campaign, consider:

  • 1. They send the message that you are proud of your work and more than willing to help others who need your expertise.
  • 2. They can enhance your reputation. A quick Facebook like or tweet on someone's page can instantly brand you as an authority and someone that their hundreds of friends and followers should call if they need a local lawyer in your specialty.
  • 3. Your website viewers may expect the buttons and hold it against you if they aren't there. These days people want to share things instantly and as easily as possible. It is important to recognize that and have the social media buttons available for visitors to do just that.

Deciding on the Best Social Media Buttons for Your Attorney Website Marketing Initiative

You may decide to have a few social media buttons available, or you may decide to have all the social media buttons available. You can base your decision on your personal preference or look at how often your links are shared on each site and use that analytical information to decide how to use social media buttons for law firm marketing.

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