Whether you are advertising through your website or using a Yellow Pages ad, it is important that your legal advertising stands out from the crowd. If your ad gets lost on the page, you are wasting your attorney marketing money. It's better to have no ad at all.

An effective legal advertisement starts with a good headline. Many Yellow Pages ads feature the name of the law firm in big letters. Nothing about this makes a potential client want to keep reading. Instead, choose an interesting headline that answers the question going through the reader's mind.

Focus the ad on the potential client. People seek lawyers because they need help. Let the client know that you can help them find a solution to their problem. Offer more information when they make the call or go to your website. Finish with a call to action that leaves the client with no doubts about what he should do. For example, "Before you schedule a free consultation, download our free guide, which will inform you of your rights."

Do you have questions about your lawyer ad? Attorney Ben Glass is willing to review the Yellow Pages ads of Mastermind members and Coaching members before they are printed. To learn more about the law firm marketing services provided by Great Legal Marketing, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.

Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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