Once you've published your first legal book and you've got stacks sitting in your office, where do you go from here? You don't want to just start passing them out on the streets, you want to make your client demand your tome of knowledge. One thing you'll see on many successful lawyers' websites is the offer for their free book.

Your book should offer more information than your client ever knew they needed on your niche of interest. When they go to your website looking for help, you should have an offer on every page to deliver to them your wealth of information that you neatly packaged in book form. When they sign up to receive your book, you get the chance to capture their information and get them in your legal marketing machine.

Your legal books aren't only a source of information to help your clients, they're also a promotional tool for your legal marketing
. They show the client you know your stuff, and then it serves as a physical reminder that you're there to help them further. You should have your branding on the book itself - your logo, contact/office information - because when your client realizes how helpful your words are, they're most likely going to want to meet you in person.

Legal books are a great asset to any lawyer's practice, but there's a lot more to them than just distribution. My article touches on the process to get from idea to finished book without as much hassle as you may think.

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