These days, people are so used to finding information on the Internet that it has become a part of common language. The phrase, “Google it” has almost completely replaced, “look it up” when it comes to finding new information. Need a restaurant? Google it. Need to know who starred in that one movie from 1974? Google it. Need a lawyer in a specific practice area? Google.

The idea then is to become the most relevant name that Google will look to when someone searches your practice area of expertise. It’s not easy to stand out when there are thousands of law firms across the country—and maybe even dozens in your local area. But legal marketing success is not just about flashy sites and free information. 

Here are two great, simple ways to get to the top through Google searches:

  • Website management tools. This is an easy way for your webmaster, or even you, to have quick access to update contact information, hours, content, practice areas, news, newsletters, and video. There should be almost no wait time for new information. The newer the information, the more relevant it is, and the more likely someone will find it. Become the law practice that clients are looking for.
  • Information tracking software. See what exactly brought a potential client to your website. Google Analytics is a free tool that should be utilized by every website looking for more hits. Find out why someone came to your site, what keywords they were looking for, then use that to attract even more searches. And don’t worry about the “big name” titles that will bring every potential client under the sun. Just have the key words available somewhere in your content, and Google will find it and show it to the people looking for it. 

Two simple ideas might not seem like they will revolutionize your law firm marketing campaign, but it’s amazing how efficient the Internet can be and how staying relevant can put your website to the top. Become the website people want to look for, and they will find you.

For more advice on using the Internet for successful law firm marketing, contact the Great Legal Marketing staff at 888-791-2150. They have plenty of information on how to stay relevant in the ever-changing Internet, and you can order a free chapter from Ben Glass’s book on law firm marketing strategies. 

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