You are probably aware that it can take weeks, or even months, for one of your leads to become a client. Trying to get someone to sign a piece of paper just hours after they met you is a frightening prospect—and one that can easily backfire. So how do you take an online visitor under your wing without scaring him away?

The secret to converting web visitors into customers is consistently to keep in contact with them without pressuring them. In order to do this successfully, you must:

  • Initiate contact. Many law firms only send one email in response to a request; not surprisingly, these firms are soon forgotten. Space out your contact to once or twice a month, taking care to inquire how their life has been affected and if their needs have changed.
  • Get personal. You should address each client’s specific needs every time you come into contact with her. If you send a follow-up email, make sure it is addressed to her personally and includes details she has given you rather than a blanket statement. When calling, ask a client how she prefers to be addressed, and make references to your previous conversations to show that you are always listening.
  • Avoid spamming. It’s a fine line between reminding and overwhelming. While you may send postcards, cards, letters, and other physical items, your customers receive tons of these every year—and most get tossed.
  • Use your links. Instead of an “insert name here” form email, send your customers a link when you have written an article discussing their type of case—or even better, won their type of case.
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