Using a video is an excellent law firm marketing tool that can increase your firm’s exposure to potential clients. The key to a successful video is to generate a buzz that gets people talking about the video and referring it to others. There are several strategies that can increase the likelihood that your legal video goes “viral”:


  1. Talk about an issue that directly affects potential clients, such as the lack of adequate insurance coverage.

  2. Offer information that truly benefits potential clients, such as how to prevent the problem that you are discussing.

  3. Post the video on YouTube and let your marketing herd know of its existence in a manner that gets their attention.

  4. Forward the video to non-clients who may also be interested, such as insurance agents, real estate agents, doctors, or other lawyers.

  5. Do not try to sell your services – simply educate, raise awareness, and offer helpful information.


By using these tips, your law firm video should create a buzz. The more useful the information and problematic the video topic, the more likely viewers will spread the word to others of its existence. The end result will be increased traffic to your website as interested persons click through in search of more information. The increased traffic will improve your Google search rankings while also gaining you new potential clients.


For more information on how law firm marketing videos can benefit your firm, contact the law firm marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. Fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.


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