How to Get New Personal Injury Clients Without Chasing Ambulances

You hold the legal profession and your clients in high esteem. You want to attract new personal injury clients, but you in no way want to be the infamous ambulance chaser. Is it possible to get new cases through effective and ethical law firm marketing?

It is not only possible, but also probable that you will get new cases through a good, complex legal marketing campaign.

The Key is to Have the Clients Come to You

Sounds good, right? Instead of pursuing individual clients, the clients you want to represent will call you and ask for a consultation. A well designed attorney marketing plan can help attract potential clients and get them to contact you when they need a personal injury attorney.

Your lawyer marketing campaign can help you achieve this goal if it:

  • Answers the questions of potential clients. People are searching for a personal injury lawyer because they have questions. Answering their questions, rather than talking about yourself, will help distinguish you from your competition.
  • Makes it easy for a potential client to contact you. Your marketing materials should provide an online contact form and phone number so that a client can contact you at any time.
  • Positions you as a knowledgeable and reliable resource. The more content you have on your website or publications you offer, the more potential clients will see you as a reliable authority whom they should hire.


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