Committing to a great legal marketing plan to attract the personal injury clients that you want to represent is just half the battle. The next part of the battle is figuring out how to get personal injury clients to stay with your law firm.

Getting Personal Injury Clients to Stay with Your Law Firm

Some personal injury lawyers find this concept confusing. Unlike a real estate attorney or business lawyer who can hope for additional transactions in the future, the job of a personal injury lawyer is to resolve a client’s current case and to hope that the client is not injured again in the future.

While we certainly hope that your client is not injured again, we still maintain that personal injury lawyers need to learn how to get clients to stay with their firm. In this context, we define “stay” in two ways. First, if your client is injured again then you certainly want the client to contact you immediately. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person to have more than one personal injury case in a lifetime. Second, we want the client’s friends and family to turn to you as their preferred attorney. We want you to be the go-to personal injury lawyer for everyone in your client’s circle of friends, family, and co-workers.

Tips on How to Get Personal Injury Clients to Stay

Just as your attorney marketing campaign attracted the client in the first place, the customer service campaign you have in place in your office can help you get clients to stay. Of course, the legal work you provide and the compassionate manner in which you provide it will also help get clients to stay.

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