Whether you handle your own website content or hire a legal marketing consultant to help you develop content for your firm, you likely know how important search engines are to your success. If a search engine can find your content and ranks it well then it will show up higher in the search results and more people will visit your website. 

While the formulas that search engines use to rank pages is constantly changing, it remains important to use the right keywords or key phrases for your personal injury website content.

How to Get Personal Injury Clients with the Right Keywords

Search engines are going to match a searcher’s phrase with content that is most closely linked to that phrase. Thus, it is important to think about what the clients whom you want to represent might search for and choose appropriately tailored keywords or key phrases so that those potential clients can find you.

For example, if you are an Atlanta lawyer who represents clients who have been hurt in construction accidents, then terms such as “accident lawyer” or “construction attorney” are too broad. You might get searchers from all over the nation who do not have a construction accident injury. After looking at Google analytics and talking to a legal marketing advisor, you may choose more specific keywords such as “Atlanta construction accident attorney” or “Georgia construction injury lawyer”.

Learn More about How to Get Personal Injury Clients Online

You are a personal injury lawyer, not an online marketing guru. Thus, it is important to learn more about online marketing for your personal injury law firm so that you may attract the right clients to your site and to your practice.

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