How to Get Personal Injury Clients Without Chasing Ambulances

Personal injury lawyers don’t have the best reputation when it comes to attorney marketing. Past legal marketing practices may be partly to blame for the seemingly endless stream of ambulance-chasing jokes that follow even the most ethical and talented personal injury lawyers.

When you are deciding how to get personal injury clients for your firm you likely want to stay as far away from the appearance of ambulance chasing as you can, but how do you do that and still get the clients that you want?

Be Good, Useful, and Helpful to Potential Clients

Good and helpful may not be the first two words people think of when they think of personal injury attorneys. Marketing can change that for you and make you the personal injury attorney they want to call when they are injured.

For example, your personal injury law firm marketing can show that you are:

  • Good - You believe in the American justice system. You are not out to make a quick buck at the expense of an injured person, nor do you run a factory that does not account for individual client needs and preferences. Convey those messages in your personal injury attorney marketing. It doesn't have to sound hokey; as a matter of fact, it should be entirely sincere. Unfortunately, if you're not good at what you do and you don't believe in providing a great service to people, there's really no marketing information that can help you achieve long-term success. That's what we believe at Great Legal Marketing. We want help people who are already providing a great service.
  • Useful - If someone contacts your firm, you should be able to give them a "next step." Even if that next step is telling them to continue their medical treatment so that you can properly evaluate the case once they are done, that is useful. People dealing with the stress of a personal injury claim just want you to tell them what the next step is for them. They don't know what to do. It is your job to alleviate that stress and provide them with a road map.
  • Helpful - You can let clients know that you are genuinely interested in their recoveries by providing them useful information for free. A book or video, for example, can educate clients about their rights and let them know that you are genuine in your attempt to help. It may also make you memorable and encourage clients to call you when they are ready to hire a lawyer.

Attorneys who are members of Great Legal Marketing get access to a strategies and tactics that they can use to find more potential personal injury clients. If you are an attorney interested in discovering how to ethically and effectively market your law firm without wasting tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on big "brand" advertising while still building your firm as good, useful, and helpful, you are probably ready to Test Drive our Gold Level membership.

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