You’ve heard it before: when it comes to real estate, the most important factor is location, location, location. How you do something is just as important as where you do it—and this is especially true of your law firm’s free book.

Here are a few tips to get the most out of the real estate on your free legal book cover:

  • Front cover. The front cover can make or break your entire legal guide. It’s the first thing your readers will see and it’s the picture that will be featured on your website for years to come. Make sure your image has an interesting design, a large, descriptive title, and a subheading that helps pinpoint what the book is about.
  • Back cover. Many authors make the mistake of forgetting about the marketing potential of a book’s back cover, but the truth is, the back is almost as important as the front. It is usually the second place potential readers turn, so it should be full of instant information, such as bullet points offering a description of what the reader will find inside. The goal is to “hook” your readers into opening the book to answer their questions.
  • Last page. The last stop for customers thinking of selecting a book is the last page. Readers want to get to know the author before investing their time listening to him or her, so it’s always a good idea to include a picture of yourself, a short bio, and a few personal details will make your reader more comfortable with you as a person and more likely to see you as an authority on the topic.

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