For law firm marketing, you face the challenge of standing out above the thousands of competitors on the market, and the attorneys—dozens of them—in your local area. There are too many law firm ads that look the same, whether they’re in the Yellow Pages or online. So many ads offer free consultations and the promise of riches beyond imagination. The big question is to how to stand out when everyone looks like clones of each other.

The best way to get potential law firm clients to notice your advertising over the others is to do something different. Initiate a conversation with the readers. Don’t promise a win. Don’t promise riches. Instead, simply offer them the information they’re looking for right now, for free. The results of a lawsuit or case are a long way off, but information to get started will attract their attention right away. A book or informational pamphlet will catch their eyes, and you can offer them even more from there.

The trick is to give the possible clients a reason to contact you. An offer of a free consultation says, “If you call us, we will talk to you and you won’t even have to pay to talk to us. How lucky are you!” Free consultations are great, but the offer to talk to a lawyer for free doesn’t really catch anyone’s eye.

On the other hand, when you offer a free book or access to information, you’re saying, “Hey, I know things are tough and you have questions, so here’s the information you might be looking for. Don’t worry about it.”

Even if you don’t have a book or packet to offer, you have more information on the subject than they do, and you should be willing to share it with them. Offer that information, and let them come to you. Trading free information for contact information that you can follow up on is definitely worth it when that potential client makes a decision on the lawyer he wants fighting for him. Be the lawyer they’re looking for.

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