You’ve spent good money on your legal marketing campaign. Radio ads do not come cheaply and you, understandably, want to know whether they are worth the money you are spending. In order to determine if your radio law firm marketing is working, it is important to track your marketing results.
What Kind of Information You Should Track
Most small law firms can depend on the staff who answer the phones to track the effectiveness of the radio law firm marketing campaign. Generally, whoever answers the phone should ask basic questions of first-time callers to the law firm, including:
  • How the caller heard about your law firm.
  • Location of caller’s residence.
  • Caller’s three favorite radio stations (for possible future marketing purposes).

All of this information, together with the date and time of the call, should be entered into a database that your firm can access and even cross reference with when radio ads were played, to determine if interested clients whom you want to represent are calling your law firm because of your radio advertisement.
Learn More About Effective Radio Advertising for Law Firms
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