You've heard us say before, and we'll probably say again, that emails alone are not an effective way to communicate with prospective clients. That said, emails used in conjunction with other types of communications can be a very effective way to communicate with prospective clients.

3 Tips for Effective Email Law Firm Marketing

You can help make the legal marketing emails you send more effective by:

  • Creating Exciting Subject Lines. If the recipient is not interested in the subject line, then the email is unlikely to be read.
  • Sending Easy to Read, Easy to Understand, and Pertinent Information. This is not the time to write a legal brief. Make your sentences short and have lots of attention grabbing subheadings.
  • Providing Easy Ways for the Potential Client to Stay in Touch With Your Firm. Invite the email recipient to click on something for more free offers, to be added to your newsletter mailing list, or to schedule an appointment, for example.

Are Your Emails Working the Way You Want Them To?

In order to determine if your emails are an effective part of your attorney marketing strategy, you need to analyze how often they are used the way you want them to be used. Are readers clicking on the links provided in the email, requesting free information from you, or calling your office and making appointments?

If not, it is time to rethink your email legal marketing strategy. We invite you to browse through the FREE resources available on our website and to call us at 703.591.9829 if you are interested in learning more about great legal marketing strategies.

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