Competition is fierce in the legal community. There are so many lawyers vying for the same number of clients that you may believe that it is overwhelming, or perhaps pointless, to advertise.

Our legal marketing consultants want you to know that bankruptcy lawyer marketing is anything but pointless. When done the right way, it is bankruptcy legal marketing that will help you stand apart from the crowd, get the clients that you want, and achieve the goals that you have set for your law firm.

Three Ways to Make Your Bankruptcy Law Marketing Work for You
In order to stand out from the crowd of bankruptcy lawyers, marketing for your law firm must be:
  • Exciting. Before you can get your message across you need to make sure that people are listening to you. Think outside the box and make your ads different and exciting.
  • Useful. Provide a free book, checklist, video — or all of the above — to people considering bankruptcy. When that person decides that it is time to file bankruptcy, he will remember you as being helpful and contact you. You can also continue marketing to people who have requested free information from you, by sending periodic newsletters or other useful information.
  • Different. You cannot simply repeat the standard formula that other lawyers use. Potential clients won’t remember you and, quite simply, it doesn’t work.

Learn More About Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing
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