To break your addiction to email you need to set aside a specific time to check your inbox and respond to only the most urgent of messages. Remember that a good percentage of your legal marketing is done through email, with information requests and newsletters, so you can't disconnect completely from your email.

You need to learn to prioritize which email messages are worth your attention during the work day. Anything that needs a time-sensitive answer should only be answered by email if that's the absolute best way to communicate to that person. Phone calls or in-person answers are normally faster and more efficient. However, you do run the risk of an office visit or phone call becoming a chit-chat session.

Leave any newsletters or non-essential business mail for later. Creating a separate folder for these is a good organizational idea for keeping your inbox clean. If you can, have someone else in the office designated to handle the legal marketing emails, or better yet, have your database software automated to handle it.

To truly save your time from being eaten by your email you need to only use it when absolutely necessary.
If there's only one email address to communicate with a person or company, fine, but try not to let email exchanges go beyond what you need to accomplish (i.e. no "Hi, how're the kids?" - chat on personal time).

Checking your email is one of the biggest time wasters there is, and a serious impediment to running a successful law firm. My article on how to not be a slave to your email explains the dangers of checking email too often and solutions to stop wasting your valuable time. The time wasted on email is better spent on improving your legal marketing, so you can sit back and let your firm run itself while you enjoy life. 

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