There’s no way around it. Lawyer marketing on TV is expensive, but it can also be effective. However, in order to make a good return on your attorney marketing investment you need to know how to maximize your TV marketing results.
3 Tips for Effective TV Advertising
In order to maximize the effectiveness of your TV marketing, you should consider crafting a commercial that is:
  • Different. Think about the commercials of your competitors. Now think about how you can create something unique so people do not change the channel at the start of yet another lawyer commercial.
  • Helpful. People are more likely to stick around and watch the commercial if it is helpful to them and answers some of their questions or gives them resources to find out more about their problem.
  • Not About You. Potential clients don’t care about you. They are not calling you because of your years of experience or bar committee memberships. Make the commercial about meeting their needs, not about you.
Want to Learn More TV Lawyer Marketing Strategies?
Advertising on TV may be an important part of your legal marketing strategy, but only if it is done the right way. To learn more about how to make the most of your law firm marketing budget, please browse the resources on our website and read a FREE chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.
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