How to Organize Too Many Great Ideas

I say that having too many great ideas is a burden, and before you scoff at me just consider for a moment. When you are overwhelmed with good ideas, it's hard to find a good place to start putting them to use. This often leads to nothing getting done, because you're spending too much time trying to decide on what to do.

To remedy this, I organize my ideas before I even start to consider which one I'm going to attempt first. When I come back from a Great Legal Marketing conference I've got all sorts of ideas about legal marketing and improving my legal business. So I commit all my ideas to paper, consolidate my notebooks and scraps into a nice list, and then I skim it all over.

As you glance at your ideas, you'll form categories: 

  • Improving Internet marketing;
  • New social media marketing tactics;
  • Blogging strategies;
  • Reaching out to clients;
  • Promoting in public. 

...and so on.

Those are just random examples, the tip of the ice burg of legal marketing categories I get ideas about when talking and listening at my Great Legal Marketing conferences. Anyway, I classify all my ideas into categories and then suddenly things seem much easier to filter.

Classifying and organizing my legal marketing ideas is just one part of my process for dealing with being overwhelmed with great ideas. You also need to look at the priorities you want to place on these ideas for how they'll help your legal business. Then once you've got it all neat and tidy, it's time to set a real plan of action. 

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