It seems like every person knows at least one or two good jokes, and of course lawyers know even more. Lawyer jokes mock attorneys as greedy, aggressive, humorless, and often dishonest.

Anyone going into law school knows it’s just part of the game, and most lawyers have a good sense of humor about it. They have to, or it would make their jobs a lot harder. Not everyone trusts lawyers, and that’s just how it goes. 

While most people have a good sense of humor about it, that doesn’t really help law firms looking for potential clients who would have to trust them with their money, secrets, and life’s wellbeing. When people are looking for a lawyer, there is a good chance that they will try to find one who is both an expert in a specific field and also is someone they can trust. That’s not always easy for law firms to pull off.

Fortunately for lawyers, they have a great opportunity to stay relevant in the minds of their potential clients while also earning their trust and generally coming off as good people. Using targeted marketing techniques, lawyers can get their names out there to the people who are most likely looking for them. Using monthly newsletters—delivered through e-mail or postal mail—a lawyer can actually present himself as a sincere and caring person.

Law firms can collect contact information for their newsletters by actually giving away information to potential clients. Lawyers should offer free information through books or DVDs on their websites, and most people will be willing to trade their contact information for relevant information. Now the lawyer knows that people are looking for that information and might need legal representation. Later, the law firm can keep in contact with the potential clients, updating them on relevant information, and staying fresh in their minds when they do make the call to hire a lawyer. 

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