Education and trust are the cornerstones of legal marketing for today's clients. Information is available with the click of a mouse. By providing clients with access to quality online information, they feel empowered and confident in their choice of attorney. How exactly is this carried out in an attorney marketing strategy?
  1. Build a solid online attorney reputation. Lawyer marketing is about more than just the information that the law firm is providing. Today's clients utilize the internet to read attorney backgrounds, research lawyer reputations, and conduct comparisons between similar law firms in the area. Presenting a poor online reputation will foster distrust from the client.

  2. Understand the questions that clients will ask. In order to educate potential clients, legal marketing strategies must be geared towards answering the specific questions that target audiences will be researching.

  3. Anticipate related follow up questions. In order to hold the client's attention once they have found the law firm's website, it must anticipate additional related questions. The website should either answer those questions effectively or provide a clear, easy way to reach out to the attorney for more answers.

  4. Continuously update the law firm website with relevant information. Education is today's best form of legal advertising.

  5. Educate the client sufficiently so that they know to hire you without having to sell yourself or your services. Today's clients should not have to be convinced that they need legal services. They should be educated so that they understand the need without having to be sold.


The law and internet are commingled factors in effective legal marketing strategies. Great Legal Marketing can assist your firm in setting up an attraction system based on education and trust. Contact our office at 703-591-9829.

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