You’ve probably put a lit of time and effort into designing your law firm’s website. Colors, text placement, and easy navigation are all important in converting your readers into clients—and so are the words you use to make your pitch.

Geography is another way to customize your website, optimizing it to be comfortable and accessible to your ideal client. After you are done choosing geographic keywords for marketing, you need to know where to put them. To optimize your site for both readers and search engines, make sure your keywords are placed in:

  • Hyperlinks. Your keywords have more weight if they are part of a hyperlink. For the best optimization, your link should contain a geographic location and another keyword (“Newton bankruptcy attorney,” for example), and it should point to your practice area main page.
  • Titles and headlines. Google uses many different algorithms to sort pages, but one of them involves scanning headlines for specific areas and keywords. A well-written headline will orient the reader, and its optimization will also improve your website’s search rankings.
  • Local news items. Reporting on accidents or foreclosures in your area shows that you are part of the community, and also makes readers feel as if the site were designed specifically for them.
  • Text. You should use geographic terms in the body copy of your website, but it also must be readable. Avoid sprinkling locations into articles willy-nilly; it will make your page look unpolished. If you have a location keyword in the title and in one hyperlink, stick to one or two in the body copy.

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