How You Spend Your Time Is A Benchmark of Success

The slave Aesop, famous for his fables, once wrote "value is in the worth, not the numbers" or more modernly; "Quality, not quantity." This holds true for how you control your time management as a successful lawyer. You need to remember that your time is just as valuable as anyone else's, and neither your practice nor your clients have the right to take it from you.

Your time is a commodity and what you spend that time on will help determine how successful you are in reaching your goals. Don't let your calendar be eaten up by anything that's not deserving of your time. Using time management to weed out those small cases and other time-vampires will allow you more time to focus on things that matter to a successful lawyer.

Setting chunks of time aside for the necessary things like preparing briefs for a big case that is about to go to trial is a good way to make sure your time is being used efficiently. Being a slave to your Email and phone is a surefire way to get distracted from what really matters. A successful lawyer is in high demand, and your clients will understand this if they don't get a call back until a few hours later.

Use your time management skills to set aside blocks of time to work on certain tasks, and then allot a chunk of time for tackling your correspondence all at once. Forget the myth that if you aren't on call 24/7, you'll miss that big case client. You can set aside small periods of time between bigger projects throughout the day to handle your phone and Email.

There's a lot more to time management than what I've touched on here. So much, in fact, that I wrote a book on the topic; "Militant Time Management For Lawyers." Time management is one major aspect of becoming a successful lawyer, and my article of top lawyer success tips has even more tricks of the trade. 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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