One long-standing myth of the legal profession is that there's only one accepted way to go about most tasks, including advertising, marketing, obtaining new clients, etc.

In certain instances, this makes sense—after all, the American legal system operates according to a specific set of rules, and it's not as if a lawyer can invent a “new” technique to subpoena a witness. In other instances, though, this mind-set is self-defeating, especially when it comes to marketing your practice.

Look at it this way: if your Yellow Pages ad looks exactly the same as everyone else's (according to the accepted “industry practice”), why would a potential client choose your firm over another one?

We live in a world where most lawyers advertise on TV in the same way (breathless narrators, testimonials from satisfied clients, flashing 800 numbers), advertise in newspapers and magazines the same way (usually accompanying an entirely made-up-by-the-editors “Top 100 Lawyers in Your Town” advertorial), and even advertise on the web in the same way. This is what one notable attorney calls “random-chance” marketing: “I just hope someone dials my number randomly because my advertisement looks exactly the same as everybody else's.”

If you fall into this mindset, you're throwing up your hands and admitting that you're an average lawyer, not an exceptional, outside-the-box thinker who can attract clients in a novel way.

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People want to hire a lawyer that they can trust. A great way to promote your law practice is by publishing informational content that establishes your law firm as one of the best in the area. One great way to keep in touch with clients and generate referrals is through newsletters.
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