So you want to be a celebrity. More specifically, you want to be a celebrity lawyer in the town, city, state, or region where you practice. While you might understand that using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is key, and while you might have signed up for accounts, you may be at a loss for how to use them correctly to maximize your reach.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Focus locally. Social networking websites are international and many have hundreds of millions of users. But you want to zero in on your geographical location. Start by following other local celebrities (newscasters, government officials, and community organizers are a good place to start). Then be sure to tweet and post about local issues and current events in your area.
  • You should be professional and personal. Yes, it’s hard to mix your personal life and your professional life, but it’s possible. And it’s key to achieving a celebrity status. You don’t have to give out private details, but talking about your family, your community involvement, and your everyday life—in addition to the most interesting legal issues of the day—is a good thing. 
  • Spread out your posting. No one likes to see someone posting dozens of links and observations about life in a row. And no one likes to follow someone who only posts a few times a week. Be consistent in your social networking activity and feel free to use one of the several apps out there that spreads out your posts throughout the day.

Social media is relatively new—and it’s always evolving. We can help you stay up-to-date and relevant when it comes to your online attorney marketing strategy. Contact us today by calling 703-591-9829 or by using the electronic form on this page. Our law firm marketing advisors will get you moving forward.

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