If you’ve been to our site before, you’ve probably read that you should be directing your advertising toward an “ideal” client. Many people don’t want to make the shift because they feel that targeting people who only have they types of cases they want is too limiting; they believe they should advertise to everyone and see who walks in the door.

However, this “targeted” advertising is often more effective—and less limited—that the advertising tactic they are using now.

Think of it this way: many attorneys use TV ads, radio time, legal Internet marketing, and Yellow Pages ads every single day to try to reach new clients. They are using a “shotgun” approach to market to millions of people, but on any given day, there is only a small group of people who will respond to their marketing:

1.      People who need a lawyer for a specific reason

2.      People who haven't already hired an attorney

That’s it. The rest of the people who hear the ads will likely ignore them, since they do not address their specific needs. The downside: even if someone “heard” your ad today, they probably won’t remember it when they actually do need an attorney.

Now let’s go back to targeting your ideal client. You use specific keywords in your ad copy and marketing that direct the types of cases you want right to your front door (or your homepage). Your clients will feel as if your site was designed especially for them, making it increasingly likely that they will stop their search for an attorney after finding your site.

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