Involving Your Whole Office in Increasing Community Presence

The happiness of the staff in your law office is a big part of the prosperity of your work life. If your office is miserable, it's harmful to your overall business and definitely not a hallmark of success for a great lawyer like yourself. Taking a break from the normal routine and doing something fun as an office is a great way to mix things up, and can also be a great chance to do some unique legal marketing.

While you may be the figurehead of your practice, that doesn't mean you should exclude the rest of your staff from getting involved in your legal marketing. If you're sponsoring a booth or float in a local parade, put the word out that the whole staff and their families are encouraged to stop by and participate. Not only will this help them feel more involved in the business, but it's a great chance to interact in a more casual setting.

Having a group get-together is also great for volunteer projects and charity events. Waterway cleanups and walk for the cure events are much more fun when you have a team involved. You can even add a little competitive edge and run a contest to see which team finishes their task the fastest. When the community sees your law group as a bunch of people having fun rather than stuffy lawyers in suits, their opinions change for the better.

Increasing your community presence is a lot more than parades and charity events. My article talks more about the benefits of getting involved in your community, both for your legal marketing efforts and your overall business presence in your local area. 

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