Is Morale Down at Your Law Firm? Do What You Can to Fix It

If it's true, as a well-known motivational speaker has said, that you are the average of the five people you hang out with most, then you can see why declining morale at your law firm may be a bit of a problem. It's not fun to be surrounded all day by unhappy people, and it's even less fun to be compelled to spend your day surrounded by unhappy people

Of course, you could choose not to wallow with these miserable co-workers, but then you would be out of a job.

How can you rectify this situation?

It’s important that you recognize that dour morale is an urgent problem that must not be ignored. Unmotivated and surly legal staff are poor advertisements for your law practice. They are more likely to repel, rather than attract, new clients. Of course, failure to attract new business will only intensify the aura of gloom that hangs over the office.

Your ability to fine-tune workplace morale depends on your position in the firm.

If you're the boss, or the senior partner, you may be unwilling to face the fact that the people around you are unhappy, or even recognize that you're unhappy yourself (because the morale at a company, like its less pleasant tasks, tends to run downhill). If you do recognize the problem, though, airing it out in a meeting might be productive; the mood will usually improve if you show that you're empathetic to your underlings' concerns.

But what if you're an associate in your firm, rather than someone in a position of power? Here's where things get trickier. If morale is down because the ship is sinking—defecting clients, salary cuts, resigning partners—then, if you can, your best option might be to look for another job. It's not simply a matter of preserving your short-term financial prospects; the fact is that if you spend six months or a year (or even more) in the company of sour, disenchanted coworkers, your own odds of future success go down dramatically, since you won't be in the proper mindset to tackle problems or advocate on behalf of your clients.

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