Much like a Facebook account or a Twitter feed, the comments section on your blog can quickly spiral out of control. While this space can be wonderful publicity and give your readers a chance to interact with you one-on-one, there are a few things to remember before you hit “respond” to your readers’ comments.

When posting comments in your legal blog, be sure to consider:

  • Other people’s comments. Blogs give your readers the option of providing immediate feedback, making them feel like a valued part of your site. Always be professional and courteous, and thank them for their opinion even if you do not necessarily agree with it.
  • Your words and phrasing. Comments are yet another space on your blog that can be loaded with keywords to bump up your search rating, but be careful. Too many key phrases or legal jargon will make your responses seem stiff and impersonal.
  • Your role. This is your website, and you’re entitled to your opinions—but your role in the comments is to encourage the debate. You can educate readers if they are mistaken, but always acknowledge their position at the same time.
  • Your online reputation. Don’t worry if all of your readers don’t agree with you. A comments section is a place for opinions, and it doesn’t look good if you always have to be right. Always address comments that are critical of your positions; even if you don’t convince the commenter, the other readers on your site will be impressed by your diplomacy.

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