Sometimes, lawyers can overestimate just how competitive the legal business is, to their own detriment. This is especially true when it comes to signing new clients: not the simple, "parking ticket" type cases that can be settled in a day, but complicated and lucrative personal injury or medical malpractice lawsuits that have potential payoffs in the millions of dollars.

Just as these types of clients don't hire their lawyers in a single day, neither should you be dissuaded in a single day.

Say No to “No”

One common mistake naive lawyers make, when pursuing such a case, is to accept "no" for an answer and move on to the next opportunity. This does not mean that, if you have an unsuccessful initial phone call with the client, you should immediately call him back and pester him to change his mind, and then repeat this process over the next few days or weeks. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that clients in serious personal injury cases usually take anywhere from two months to a full year to decide who they want to represent them. (Presumably, this is because they are aware that the discovery and trial process can stretch on for years, so investing a few months in choosing a lawyer won't cause a significant delay.)

In order to market yourself effectively to these clients, the most important thing is to stay in touch—not in an overbearing, obviously self-interested way, but with genuine concern for the progress of their search. You may be surprised to learn that this client rejected the bigger, more successful law firm down the street right after he rejected you, and that you may now look a lot better by comparison.

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