There is an incredible number of lawyers and law firms in the country, and probably even in the area where you practice. And something that all lawyers have learned, or at least should have learned, is that there is a big difference between objective and subjective claims. You probably know that you can’t say you’re the greatest lawyer in town or the best law firm in your practice area. It’s impossible to tell who’s the “best,” so no one can make the claim. That leads to even more legal trouble.

It can also cause some trouble if a lawyer or law firm claims to “specialize” in a particular practice area. There are often rules to be followed when it comes to that claim, and the fact that your entire case history might be in a specific practice area doesn’t even constitute a legal claim for it being your “specialty.” It all seems pretty ridiculous, but those are the rules we have to live by.

Law firm promotion: Making your case to be the firm your client wants

So how can you move forward with your law firm marketing without make claims about your superiority? Do you have a Great Law Decathlon with all the other lawyers in the area for the title of Best Law Firm in Town? As amazing as that would be, you should probably just work on wording things a little differently.

Anyone who knows the law should know how powerful semantics are, and just changing a few words can take you from a possibly illegal marketing slogan to a great eye-catching tagline. Instead of claiming, “we’re the best” or “contact the best bankruptcy lawyer,” switch in some comparisons that mean almost the same thing that aren’t as contestable. Say you’re great, say you have a high success rate, say you focus on a practice area or it’s your concentration. These are words that can’t be easily disproved and aren’t as subjective as “the best.” Play around with the words and find your voice!

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